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Love Makes Forgiveness Possible
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Love Makes Forgiveness Possible by Apostle Samuel Raboteng

  • Apostle Samuel Raboteng
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📖Forgiving a person sometimes seems stupid especially when you know you didn’t do anything wrong but you have to forgive. What is dangerous about unforgiveness is that is more poisonous to you than to your offender.

📖Remember unforgiveness traps you from experiencing the presence of God, it cages and shuts down your spiritual life. Forgive because your spiritual life is more important.

📖It is not easy to forgive if you are deeply hurt but love makes forgiveness possible. Our offenders desire to destroy us and they will achieve it through hurting us, if we don’t have love they will overcome us because love makes forgiveness possible.

📖Forgiveness is practicing the higher level of love. It is impossible to fully forgive if we don’t have love. If Love is not part of you it is impossible to practice pure forgiveness.

📖Many Christians today have never experienced presence of God in their lives due to years of holding unforgiveness in their heart. Lack of forgiveness in our hearts shows the lack of love in us.

📖Dangers of unforgiveness is that it locks you up. It locks up your spirit. If your spirit is locked up, it’s a useless tool to the Holy Spirit. Let us have love enough to overlook the mistake of others. Let us have love enough to rejoice when others are doing better. Love makes forgiveness possible.

📖You need to have love enough to overlook the mistake of others. When I look at you in love I will see your strengths more than your weaknesses. When you reject someone on the account of their weaknesses, the same person you are rejecting today might be your helper tomorrow.

📖When love is leading us we know it will release us from bondage of unforgiveness. Our destiny is more important that what has happened to us in the past. There is a purpose we want to achieve and that purpose is eternal life, but we cannot achieve it if we have unforgiveness.

📖There are times where they will hit and shake you but learn to walk in love. When you walk in love whatever they are doing and planning against you is a futile exercise because God is on your side.

📖If you love you will forgive, inability to forgive is inability to love. If we walk in love we are able to forgive those who sin against us, we are also able to make room for mistakes and disappointments.

📖Love can make a rich man leave his riches and go to the needy and feed them. Love can make a king leave throne for the sake of peace. Stop that hatred in your heart and you will see God fighting for you.

📖Defense is of the Lord how wonderful it is to leave your battles for the Lord. The bible says no weapon formed against you shall prosper meaning weapons will be formed but they will not prosper.

📖I pray that the Lord will give you strength to walk in the path of love, it will make it possible for you to forgive. Walk in love my brother the spiritual gifts you have will flourish!