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Forgiveness Brings a Free Spirit Full Sermon by Apostle Samuel Raboteng
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Forgiveness Brings a Free Spirit by Apostle Samuel Raboteng

  • Apostle Samuel Raboteng
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📷 We need a free spirit to be in contact with the spirit of God. When our spirit is free it becomes sensitive to spirit of God. Forgiveness is one of the secret of attracting God’s presence into our lives.

📷Some of you have never experienced God’s presence in their lives because of unforgiveness you been holding for long. Unforgiveness is more dangerous to you than to the one who has offended you. When you have experienced the forgiveness of God in your life, it will give you the ability to forgive others.

📷Unforgiveness locks up your spirit, it brings heaviness to your spirit and if your spirit is not free it becomes useless tool to the Holy Spirit.

📷Forgiveness brings a free spirit, anytime you forgive someone truly it’s like there is a load you take off of your shoulders. If you want Jesus to fight your battles, you need to walk the path of forgiveness, although forgiveness is not easy.

📷Some of you have hurt yourself with people who don’t even care about you because of unforgiveness. You need to forgive because you need to be forgiven. Forgiveness releases our hearts from the pain of the past and this brings a free spirit.