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  • Apostle Samuel Raboteng
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πŸ“–Love to us as Christians is not an option but it’s a command. The bible says if we don’t love our fellow brother, we are wonder in spiritual darkness, there is not light in us if there is no love.

πŸ“–Love is the greatest Christian virtue that we need to show as those who are in Christ Jesus, therefore we are commanded to love.

πŸ“–The Bible says, love your neighbor as you love yourself, one could ask who is your neighbor? Your neighbor could be your enemy, those you don’t share same faith with or your accuser, but the bible says love them all. The subject of love can never be taken for granted because it is a command.

πŸ“– If I don’t love you, but I claim to love Jesus, I am a liar. I am walking in darkness as Bible says but if I love you, I walk in light. We are children of light!!!

πŸ“–In showing this virtue of loving our neighbor, we are obeying a commandment from God and remember in our walk with the Lord obedience is the key.

πŸ“–We grow in God by how much we obey His commandments. True love is not easy, it is only through the grace of God that you can love even your enemy.

πŸ“–Love settles matters, removes suspicions and prejudice and helps us to shine our light in Christ Jesus. Jesus says, there is no better love than this, that He laid down His life for His own Friends. Today, you claim to be a friend of God whereas yesterday you were an enemy to Him because of this love.

πŸ“–If our love can overlook mistakes and shortcomings then we have genuine love for others. But in the days, we are living in, our love becomes a judge to others.

πŸ“–Our love today is for selfish, classic and material reasons. You love because of what you get, if you don’t get it, you don’t love.

πŸ“–Love doesn’t complain of challenges but gives a solution to a challenge. Love doesn’t complain about darkness amongst others but gives light to that darkness – Child of God, it is a command to love. #1𝑱𝒐𝒉𝒏2v7-9 #𝑱𝒐𝒉𝒏13v34