Matthew 9:20-21. ” Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.”

It was in the early hours of today morning when Mrs Matlomelo Machaha from Lesotho experienced problems with her 2 year old daughter who started having seizures. The child’s eyes turned white, she couldn’t breathe and bubbles started to came out of her mouth. Mrs Machaha took a leap of faith and administered the new anointing oil which by the power of God restored the child’s life. As they were declaring life upon the child, she vomited. After the prayer declaration, the child couldn’t talk or move but after some time she was able to do everything and she is healed completely.

One faithful Sunday during the month of December 2022, she came to church with an issue of non – stop blooding which prolonged for 3 months non-stop. By the grace of God, she was graced to receive prophetic words from the man of God where he said that there’s a young lady in the congregation that had been bleeding for a while now and she should go check herself as the bleeding is ceasing.The man of God further explained that he sees traces of cancer in her family.

Mrs Matlomelo confirms the prophecy to be true for her life as she has been suffering from the non-stop bleeding for 3 months since the month of August. This affected her physically because she is someone who works out and as a result she could not do so. She would experience pain and the blood flow was too much which resulted to her being uncomfortable.

On that faithful Sunday she went to the toilet to check herself as instructed and she found that she had stopped bleeding. Since that day, her menstrual cycle has been normal and she does not experience any pains.

She also confirms the prophecy of the traces of cancer for her family to be true for life as her family members passed away as a result of cancer and 2 of them passed on due to cancer of the womb. Through the prophetic word the curse is broken! She is restored and the generational curse is broken in Jesus Name